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Distribution/Posting of Non-curricular Materials




Education/Director of Communications


The purpose of this policy is to define the parameters applicable to the distribution or posting of non-curricular materials on district property in a manner that does not disrupt the district’s educational programs nor interfere with the district’s mission and vision. Requests from the general public to distribute printed non-curricular materials in District 49 public schools shall be allowed subject to the following policy and accompanying regulations unless the material is "unacceptable" as described below.

The following shall be considered "unacceptable" material:

1. So-called "hate" literature that scurrilously attacks ethnic, religious or any racial groups.

2. Material that promotes hostility, disorder or violence.

3. Material that promotes or favorably portrays unlawful conduct or conduct that violates Board policy, including but not limited to the Board’s policies prohibiting unlawful discrimination, harassment and bullying.

4. Material designed for commercial purposes–advertising a product or service for sale or rent–unless the material itself has educational value that makes the commercial message a secondary consideration.

5. Material that is libelous, invades the rights of others or inhibits the functioning of the school, or advocates interference with the rights of any individual or with the normal operation of the school.

6. Material which in any way promotes, favors or opposes the candidacy of any candidate for election, or the adoption of any bond issues proposal, or any public question submitted at any general, municipal or school election. The prohibition shall not apply on any Election Day or special election when the school is being used as a polling place.

7. Material that is obscene or pornographic as defined by prevailing community standards throughout the District.

8. Material that is inconsistent with or unrelated to the district’s mission and educational values.

This policy governs non-curricular material and is not intended and shall not be interpreted to interfere with the prerogative of teachers to supplement and enrich text and reference book materials used in their courses with materials which are timely and up to date. However, no teacher shall distribute non-curricular materials in his or her class without complying with the procedures which follow.

The Chief Education Officers/Innovation Leader or designee shall present to any person or persons wishing to distribute printed non-curricular materials a copy of this policy and the accompanying regulation.

The Board of Education shall proceed through the courts of law to obtain injunctive relief and damages, where applicable, for any unauthorized distribution of printed non- curricular materials.
  • Adopted: January 14, 2010
  • Revised: October 27, 2011
  • Revised: September 13, 2012
  • Revised: April 13, 2017

  • C.R.S.22-32-110(1)(r) (Board of education – specific powers)

  • JICEA, School-Related Student Publications
  • JICEC, Student Distribution of Non-curricular Materials