2020-2021 IVES Wellness

Throughout the 2020-2021 school year, the Inspiration View Elementary School (IVES) Wellness Team implemented a variety of successful initiatives to support staff and student wellness. Two highlights were providing active games for classrooms, and yoga mats to be used for staff and students. Both initiatives promote wellness through movement and mindfulness. 

To enhance engagement during the day, especially on indoor recess days, the IVES Wellness Committee identified the need for increased student movement throughout the day. The committee wanted to promote technology free physical activity options for teachers and students during breaks, instruction, and indoor recess. Through a $1000 Colorado Department of Education (CDE) mini-grant IVES purchased a variety of games for grade level teachers to use during indoor recess or learning breaks throughout the day. 

Additionally, an IVES’s 2020-2021 School Health Improvement Plan objective included  having 50% of staff either participate in mindful activities or use mindfulness activities with their students (i.e. mind yeti, cosmic kids yoga, zen den, etc.). The awarded grant included the purchase of yoga mats to be used by students and staff. The Wellness committee hosts a weekly staff yoga class for all ability levels led by our Kindergarten teacher, Taylor Walsh, promotes a positive relationship with body and mind. 

IVES is excited to use these resources for future students which will continue promoting health and wellness for years to come.