How do I know if my child is gifted?

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There are many characteristics and traits gifted children often demonstrate. Parents are obviously the first to observe these traits early in their child’s life. Here are 12 possible characteristics you may have observed in your child:
1. Reasons well, is curious and is good at solving problems
2. Very observant and curious
3. Learns rapidly and has an excellent memory
4. Learned to read before entering school and is an avid reader
5. Is good with numbers and puzzles, can solve math problems innately
6. Is intense, sensitive and has a high degree of energy
7. Is a perfectionist and has a long attention span
8. Highly creative and a keen observer
9. Often prefers older peers or adults
10. Advanced sense of humor
11. Nonconforming, stubborn and self-critical
12. Messy and bored with routine tasks