ICA-R School Year/School Calendar/Instruction Time

Title                               School Year/School Calendar/Instruction Time

Designation                 ICA-R

Office/Custodian        Education/Executive Director of Learning Services and CEO



The following criteria apply to the District 49 School Family Calendar and should be used when calculating instructional time:


The Board defines “actively engaged in the educational process” as time when students are working toward achieving educational objectives under the supervision of a licensed teacher, including:

·       Classroom instruction time

·       Individual student work time while at school, including study hall and library research

·       School-related field trips

·       Independent study insofar as such study is allowed under district policy

·       Assemblies


Calculations for contact time may include passing periods between classes


Time calculated as “actively engaged in the educational process” shall not include:

·       Lunch

·       Time students spend before school waiting for classes to begin and time after the last class of the day, including waiting for the bus

·       Teacher preparation time


Supervision by a licensed teacher shall not require that the teacher be in the student’s physical presence at all times but that the teacher is exercising direction and control over the nature of the student’s activities.


In developing the annual school family calendar, the Chief Education Officer and designees shall only reduce the required student contact hours for allowable activities including parent teacher conferences, teacher in-service efforts and emergency closings made for the health, safety or welfare of students.


All calendars shall include the dates for all professional development programs scheduled for the coming school year. The administration will consider public input from parents and teachers prior to scheduling the dates for staff professional development programs.


If school is closed due to emergencies, so that student-teacher contact time is reduced below the minimum hours/minutes allowed by state law and provided for in the calendar, the Chief Officers shall adjust the calendar to make up for the lost hours/minutes. The Chief Officers shall carefully consider the academic effects as well as impacts on parents/guardians, students, and staff due to schedule changes. The Chief Officers shall consider financial and operational implications of any proposed adjustments to the calendar and shall select the least disruptive option that still preserves the most academic benefit.


A copy of the calendar shall be available to all parents/guardians of students enrolled in district schools. Any change in the calendar except for emergency closings or other unforeseen circumstances shall be preceded by adequate and timely notice of no less than thirty (30) days.


It is the expectation of the Board that the Chief Education Officer will annually develop a calendar for final adoption for the next school year as well as a second calendar for the following school year which the board may consider for preliminary approval to assist families and staff in planning vacations and other activities.


Adopted: February 11, 2010

Revised: February 11, 2016

Revised: June 28, 2017

Reviewed: August 10, 2017


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