Wellness Success Story

 Patriot student Michael Axt is our wellness success story! He has made great strides in wellness and fitness and continues to strive for wellness and fitness even during e-learning and Covid-19 safer at home policies. 


1)    Before participating in Mr. Newman's strength and conditioning class, how often did you workout?

a.    Before I started the class, I practically never worked out. I was very skinny, and even though I hated looking that way, I never had enough motivation to stick to a workout/diet plan. So, once I joined your class I didn't really have a choice. My options were, do nothing for an hour and fail the class, or just say screw it and give weight lifting a shot. 


2)    Did this class inspire you to workout more?

a.    Yes, the class inspired me to workout more. Once I started, I began feeling better all-around and more mentally sharp throughout the day.


3)    In regards to your knowledge of weight training before this class, how would you rank your increase in knowledge through this class (on a scale of 1 not at all - 10 greatly improved)? 

a.    I would say that I’m at a 7 right now. I knew a little bit about weight training maybe from YouTube videos, but I never really put it into action. I’m eager to learn more and continue to improve.


4)    What were your favorite exercises?

a.    My favorite weight training exercise was definitely bench press. It's a fundamental exercise that was easy to learn and I saw the most improvement with it. I also liked the reverse barbell curl.


5)    How has this class influenced you during the corona pandemic? 

a.    Now that I don't have access to a weight room because of the pandemic, I've taken some interest in calisthenics and using my body as my equipment. My favorite is probably the V-shaped push up, which builds the shoulders.


6)    What changes have you noticed the most since participating in this class? 

a.    I've noticed that I have less hesitation and anxiety when it comes to taking action. I'm able to just do a task with little thought. I guess, my self-confidence has improved as well.

b.    I have increased my weight from roughly 130 pounds to 150 pounds, and it’s all lean, muscle mass. With proper nutrition and dedication, I got to this point. I've added cardio to my workout, so I can stay as lean as possible.