School Supply Information

School Supply Fee:   For the convenience of our families and consistency of classroom supplies, a $40 school supply fee for 2022-2023 supplies will be charged to each student.  This will be in lieu of the traditional school supply list that requires you to go out and purchase all of the items.  The only item that students will need to bring to school is their own backpack.  Your child’s teacher will provide them with all of the school supplies that the $40 fee covers.

Students who are on free or reduced lunch will pay a reduced amount or have the fee waived completely.  Therefore, we encourage you to complete the free/reduced application.  Not only does this help reduce your fees, but it also provides additional money to the school.  We get approximately $800 from the Federal Government for each free/reduced student through Title I funds.  You will need to provide proof of free/reduced status in order to waive or reduce fees.

When considering this supply fee, we did comparison-shopping with a number of companies and went with the option that was the most cost-efficient and also met the supply needs of the classrooms.  It was important to us to maintain a reasonable price point while filling the supply requests of each grade level.