New ALLIES/OES Construction Update

Posted by Brittany Jilek on 10/25/2017 3:00:00 PM

Dear ALLIES Families,
Towards the beginning of September a construction update was communicated out explaining the progress on the ALLIES and OES facilities and to offer an expected window of completion for the project as a whole.  We messaged that we were aiming for project completion sometime between Spring Break and the end of the year.  We would like to offer an update to this timeline and confirm that the project is scheduled to be completed towards the very end of this window.  However, to help ensure the project is completed with the most care and attention possible we need to confirm that the facility's first day with students will be the start of the 18-19 school year.
There are two factors that have evolved since our last communication that are highly supportive of marked and continued progress occurring through the remainder of this year.  The first is that on October 2nd of this month we decided to replace our previous general contractor with a new one.  Our new contractor is already moving forward more efficiently and effectively than ever before.  Timelines since the beginning of this month have already been met, or even exceeded, with our new contractors thus far.  
The other improvement factor is related to the supervision of the overall project management and operational oversight of the project.  We now also have the support of our newly hired Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Pedro Almeida, who will be offering personal oversight on the project and helping to ensure we move forward on time with a quality product.  
You will begin seeing more construction progress occurring on a regular basis moving forward.  This is exciting and also brings about certain challenges of its own.  Please look for notes to come home regarding any construction updates that might affect normal processes such as traffic and/or any other before or after school activities.  
I want to also thank all our parents, students, and staff for continuing this journey with us.  We will have two amazing learning environments once completed!  Thank you again for your continued patience, and please let me know if there are any questions.
-Mike Pickering
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