Q: Are you doing surveys of middle school students to see what career ready classes can be available to them once they get to sophomore/junior year? (For example, Video Production?)

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A: Falcon Middle School conducts ICAP (Individual Career and Academic Plan) workshops with the students each year they are at FMS. These allow students to explore different interests and skills that they have while also receiving information about possible career areas related to these skills and interests. FMS Students also participate in mini courses every November to further explore these interests and learn more about potential careers and interests they would want to pursue in high school. Towards the end of 8th grade, the middle school counselor and high school counselor that will be working with these students collaborate together to provide another ICAP workshop to help ensure students can enroll in the appropriate courses related to these skills and interests. The high school also evaluates this data to see if new courses need to be offered. If the course cannot be offered, then the high school staff will find an opportunity to meet this need.