Personalized Learning

Critical Thinking Critical thinking refers to a person’s capacity and commitment to embark on an unbiased, self-guided, self-disciplined reflection of ideas and evaluation of concepts, while recognizing a need to understand multiple perspectives. In our zone performance dashboard survey, parents told us that the ability for their child to not only problem solve, but to also think critically while doing so, is very important. Much like problem solving, due to the ever changing career opportunities our students now experience in the workforce, it is crucial for us to support opportunities that help students learn to think critically, in as unbiased manner as possible, around a variety of rigorous and relevant concepts.

To ensure POWER Zone students are able to objectively evaluate important issues, we will continue to work towards creating lessons that require higher level thinking skills. We will also continue to expand our science, technology, engineering and math opportunities throughout the zone. STEM options for students offer great opportunities for student to develop higher level critical thinking skills, as well as other important skills for the future.