School Safety & Climate

School Climate When we mention school climate, we're referring to a school's quality and character, along with the values expressed during social interactions and organizational processes and structures. To ensure POWER Zone schools demonstrate a positive school climate, where there is a focus on developing quality and supportive stakeholders relationships, we will continue our unabated focus to bring a positive school culture into every single classroom. Since its creation, POWER Zone has put an intentional focus on creating an educational environment that is rooted in core values such as treating everyone as if they are the most important person in the world, serving our community, and climbing with care and confidence.

With a Capturing Kids Hearts philosophy reinforced annually, and permeating across the zone, every educator is equipped with specific strategies to help increase our effectiveness with the young people we serve. Every licensed educator in our zone is trained in this relational framework, and this is a core piece of the overall zone focus. The idea here is that you cannot capture a student’s mind before you capture their heart. Given that 98 percent of teachers and 96 percent of parents rated the quality of teacher-to-student relationships as their top school climate indicator in our performance dashboard survey, we believe it must be held as important as any other academic indicator.