49 Pathways

Pathways Beginning in 2013, senior leaders initiated 49 Pathways, a rebranded vision for secondary education. At the heart of 49 Pathways is our belief that every student should travel down an individualized pathway, one that leads them through competency and skill development, and success after high school. The essential promise that inspires 49 Pathways is our commitment to creating excellent individual career and academic plans for every student.

The ability to give students a greater level of input and control over their high school experience was voted as the number one performance indicator by Vista Ridge High School’s student innovation assembly. It was certainly in the top 10 percent across all stakeholder groups. This is a district supported focus where each students will be able to create a meaningful, personalized, usable individualized career and academic plan to chart out a personalized, but flexible, high school experience. Through increased concurrent enrollment opportunities, allowing students to gain both high school and college credit while attending high school, and creating and aligning new and current courses in a more strategic manner, based on the needs of our students, we are creating a system that is both supportive and responsive to individual student needs.

To ensure POWER Zone students have the opportunity to choose, create and explore targeted academic and career pathways, we will continue to commit resources in this area at our secondary schools. We now have an individual career and academic plan coordinator and a dean of concurrent enrollment at Vista Ridge High School. Both of these positions provide evidence of our commitment to this area. More and more, teacher training is occurring in this area each semester, so that we can ensure we have the personnel and resources to support such an exciting and important endeavor.