2019 Health Fair

Posted by Heather Olsen on 7/17/2019

Health Fair Day

Even though the weather did not cooperate for Field Day, we still held our Health Fair on Monday, May 20th.  All of our Huskies rotated through great sessions and even had the opportunity to participate in a few.  Ridgeview hosted six different sessions for our Huskies.  A couple of CSPD's canine officers and their partners were here to show and demonstrate some of their training, talk about how they use the dogs, and talk about being a police officer here in Colorado Springs.  One of our local dental groups stopped in for a dental hygiene presentation.  They showed examples using candy and how much sugar was in each kind.  They students were surprised.  A nutritionist from Penrose talked about the importance of proper nutrition and how it helps the body grow and function properly.  Our own safety officer, Dave Glenn, talked to students about safety here at school and at home.  Each of our Huskies had a great time  participating in Yoga & Zumba.  We were thrilled with our community support and to see our Huskies having a great time.  We are already planning our next Health Fair for the next school year.  

 Health Fair 2019 Health Fair