Vice President Rick Van Wieren

Rick Van Wieren has been a resident of the Colorado Springs area since 1991, and a Realtor since 1992. The slogan “Not a native, but got here as quick as we could” is one of his favorites.D49 BOE Secretary Rick Van Wieren

The Van Wierens came to The Springs by way of San Jose California, where Rick worked in Silicon Valley in information technology for several high tech firms before starting his own software company. He was born in western Michigan, and earned his BA in business and political science from Hope College in Holland, Michigan.

His wife Holly is a career teacher, with most of her teaching career spent with the younger grades Kindergarten through 2nd, and in the last several years as a reading specialist. They have 5 grown children, with 8 grandkids. Education has always been a favorite topic of conversation at the family table.

The Van Wierens have been heavily involved in charter schools for the past 20+ years, but their 5 kids were home schooled, attended private schools, public charter schools, and public neighborhood schools. Rick has served on several charter boards and organizing committees, and as board chair of 2 charter schools.

The concept of school choice in Colorado and particularly the way D49 has embraced choice, both for charters as well as district managed schools, is an exciting aspect to education in Colorado that is just not always available elsewhere. He has spent much of his real estate career helping families navigate the plethora of school choices available in the area, and is an enthusiastic ambassador for D49.

Rick believes that the role of public education is to give parents good choices in helping prepare their children to be productive citizens and knowledgeable voters. He views the school board’s role as critical in ensuring taxpayer funds are spent wisely, and in making sure that the district continues in the direction of constant improvement in all areas. He looks forward to working as a team on the D49 board to continue to make D49 “the best choice to learn, work and lead”.

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