BRES Temporary Evacuation: Smoke Alarm Activated Thursday, Feb. 6

Posted by David Nancarrow on 2/6/2020

February 6, 2020

Greetings Bennett Ranch Elementary and Falcon Middle School Families,

At approximately 9:45 Thursday morning a smoke alarm sounded in the BRES kitchen. BRES administrators immediately evacuated the school, which included all BRES students and sixth-grade students from Falcon Middle School. Because of the cold temperatures, all students moved quickly and safely to Falcon Middle School while our partners at the Falcon Fire Department dispatched a crew to BRES. There was no fire, and the school is safe.

D49 facilities team members, in collaboration with BRES staff searched the building, and discovered an alarm was triggered in the kitchen area, but did not find any smoke, or active fire. The FFD conducted a precautionary sweep as well, and gave the all clear to return to normal activities at 10:10 a.m., approximately 25 minutes after the initial alarm. The BRES staff will continue to investigate what initially set off the alarm.

D49 thanks our partners at the Falcon Fire Department and encourages all of our staff, students and families to stay alert for anything unusual. D49 will remain proactive and partner with first responders to ensure a safe learning environment awaits every District 49 learner.


David Nancarrow
Director of Communications