Safe Arrival Procedures and Times

Posted by Matthew Meister on 2/8/2017

With all the new families joining our community and our winter weather, we want to revisit our arrival procedures. Student safety is our number one priority, which is why the arrival times are so important.  Please communicate these procedures to all who may be responsible for the arrival of your children to school each day.

Our school day begins at 8:20am.  We open the doors for students to enter the building at 8:05; our first bell signals this. We do not have staff on hand to supervise students before this time, so students should not be dropped off until AFTER 8:05 for safety reasons.  If you are driving your student, please do not let them out of the vehicle until after 8:05.  If your student walks to school each day, please help him/her to time this appropriately.  We see a lot of independent walkers arriving early.

Our second bell rings at 8:15am and is a reminder to students that they have 5 minutes to get to class.  Our last bell rings at 8:20 and this is considered the tardy bell.  Students entering the building after 8:20 are tardy, and should be signed in by a parent/child care provider and will be given a tardy pass and sent to class.

We offer breakfast for our students at Ridgeview.  Breakfast is served from 7:45-8:15.  Students arriving at school for breakfast will be let in the building no earlier than 7:45am; please do not leave your student unsupervised waiting for the doors to open for breakfast.  Supervision begins as they enter the building after 7:45am.  If you need to bring your student to school before 8:05 due to work or personal schedules, having them eat breakfast is a great option.  Students must purchase breakfast in this case, and the federal nutrition program applies.

Champions, a company independent of the school district, offers before and after school child care.   This is a great program that provides supervision for families who need it.  You can reach Champions by calling 800-350-5034.

Dismissal at RVES is at 3:30pm daily.  We appreciate families minimizing ‘early outs’ so that students can benefit from the entire instructional day.  Most classes are out and ready for pick up between 3:30 and 3:35.  We ask that you rehearse your pick up plan with students and that you plan for the appropriate time of 3:30.

If you have any questions about arrival or dismissal procedures, please do not hesitate to ask.  You can contact Assistant Principal, Marjorie McKeal, at with any questions regarding safety and security at Ridgeview.

Thank you for making student safety our collective top priority.