New 'Buddy Bench​' at RVES

Posted by Theresa Ritz on 5/18/2016

Our amazing student council, under the leadership of ​Mrs. ​Jackie Bonath, worked this school year to raise money for a Buddy Bench​ for our playground​. The bench is in place and ready to go. Teachers will be talking to their students about the bench. We hope our parents will also talk to their ​children about the intention behind this bench and how it should be used.

Kids sit on the bench if they can't find anyone to play with, or simply need a "buddy" (or several buddies) to invite them to join their play or games.​ Whenever kids see someone on the bench, we hope they will take it upon themselves to invite that child to join their game.​

Thank you, ​Mrs. Bonath and the RVES student council.