Potentially threatening statements by SMS students investigated

Posted by David Nancarrow on 9/27/2019

Dear Skyview Middle School Families,

SMS administrators have worked closely with our law enforcement partners at the Colorado Springs Police Department to complete a thorough investigation of reports of potentially threatening statements made by SMS students. Although we do not believe our students and staff were ever in danger, we are committed to seeing the process through to its appropriate conclusion.

SMS administrators learned the night of Thursday, Sept. 26 that a student reported seeing two other students passing around firearm ammunition in a classroom; and overheard them making remarks related to a school shooting. Administrators immediately notified CSPD and the D49 safety and security team. Our partners at CSPD contacted one of the students at home Thursday night to investigate the claims, and after speaking to one of the students, determined there was no credible threat, or danger to the school. SMS administrators continued investigating the report at school Friday, Sept. 27. Two students ultimately admitted to making the comments in jest. One of them admitted to having the ammunition at school. Carrying ammunition on campus is a serious violation of our standards for school security. Furthermore, we consider comments like the ones described, even in jest, unacceptable, and take them very seriously.

We commend the actions of the student who reported a potentially dangerous situation. We do not believe this was a credible threat to SMS and do not believe our students or staff were or are in any danger. SMS administrators will work closely with the CSPD as they document their investigation. SMS administrators will determine the appropriate next steps for the students involved, who are subject to both school and law enforcement consequences. D49 thanks our law enforcement partners and encourages all of our students and families to stay alert and report any suspicious activity. We thank you for your trust, understanding and support in this matter. The safety of students, families and staff on our campuses is non-negotiable. We will remain proactive in our partnership with local law enforcement to ensure a safe learning environment awaits every District 49 learner.


David Nancarrow
Director of Communications