July 25th Incident

Posted by Tammy Kosley on 7/26/2016 7:30:00 AM


Parents and Guardians of the Skyview Middle School Community,


Some of you may be aware that two adults got into an altercation during student schedule pick-up yesterday.  The two adults had a previous domestic disagreement.  I applaud our administration, parents and law enforcement partners for responding in a swift, timely and appropriate manner to keep our visitors and staff safe.  I am grateful to our first responders for supporting us as they always do in maintaining a safe school environment.


As a school leadership team, we work tirelessly to ensure a safe environment for our students.  Monday's incident was not typical of our school. Fortunately, it was an isolated event and does not reflect the welcoming culture that is true to Skyview.  We work to help our students feel welcome and we are grateful you chose Skyview as the place for them to learn.  I am sincerely apologetic to those families that had to witness and experience this altercation.  I know that your experience at our school will quickly reflect the welcoming atmosphere and positive relationship building that we provide for our students.


Should you have further concerns about the safety of your child, please do not hesitate to contact me.




Catherine Tinucci

Skyview Middle School