Skyview Student Passing

Posted by Matthew Meister on 12/11/2015

My dearest Skyview family, 

Our hearts are heavy today. It is with great sadness that I let you know that our Skyview Middle School family has had a significant loss. One of our seventh grade students, Memphis Nelson, passed away suddenly last night. Memphis has been a student in our school district since elementary school and he will be greatly missed.

Keeping to a schedule often provides comfort and security, and we are doing our best to keep the typical schedule for our students today. When experiencing a loss, people often respond in different ways. Some are visibly upset and crying, some may be quiet and some may not appear impacted at all. We want to support everyone's way of grieving.

The district crisis response team was activated to our school earlier this morning and will remain available for the remainder of the day for students that need to talk. Students have been instructed to let their teacher now if they need support, and many have already taken advantage of the help.

As to be expected, this is a very difficult time for our students and staff. Our entire Skyview and District 49 community grieves for this loss.

Additional resources are available to help you support your child during this time. Information related to helping children with grief is posted on the Skyview Website at You may also contact the Aspen Pointe Crisis Line (719) 635-7000 and the Crisis Hot-Line at (719) 633-3819 for assistance.

We will share information about final arrangements once the family finalizes those details. Thank you for your support of our students and staff. Please let us know if you have any questions or if there is any assistance we can provide.

In comfort,

Cathy Tinucci


Skyview Middle School