Health Information

Nursing Needs for Registration:

  1. Immunization updates(If you have gotten ANY new immunizations in the last 12-months OR are a new student, please bring an updated immunization record to registration).  Exemption paperwork will be on-hand at registration for parents to sign if student will NOT be getting State Required Immunizations.


  1. Medications:  Medications can be kept in the health room with doctors’ orders (Name of student, Name of Medication, Dose, and Time of administration (i.e.: as needed).  ONLYlife threatening medications can be self-carry on the student (i.e.:  Epi Pens, Inhalers, Insulin,) WITH doctors’ orders.  


  1. Hearing and Vision screeningswill be conducted on both days of registration for ALL 9th graders and ALL NEW students to D-49.  


  1. Students should bring/wear their glasses/contacts with them.