2. What are the minimum test scores for College Readiness?

College Readiness is a combination of academic and personal readiness for students in grades 9-12+. Students hoping to take college level courses must meet the minimum prerequisites for college courses and demonstrate reading, writing, and math college readiness using test scores from NextGen Accuplacer (national open enrollment college entrance exam), EdReady, PSAT, SAT, or ACT below:
 Subject NextGen Accuplacer  P/SAT ACT EdReady
English Writing 246+ 470 18 90
Reading -- 470 17  




AR 265+ Career/Fin Math
QAS 240+ LibArts, Stats
AAF 245-279 Coll Alg
AAF 280+ Pre-Calc
500 Career Math
500 Statistics
590 Coll Alg
610 Pre-Calc 
AR-Arithmetic; QAS-Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics; AAF-Adv Algebra & Functions
Students scoring within 10 points of the cut score for SAT & PSAT or within 4 points of the cut score for NextGen Accuplacer may still qualify for a college course using Multiple Measures. Counselors will determine if the student is eligible utilizing high school transcripts and a variety of other factors. Not every student will qualify using these measures.
To prepare for the Accuplacer, review sample test questionsIn addition to academics, students demonstrating personal readiness through self-advocacy, self-management, time management, communication and study skills, work ethic, and other factors, may qualify for Concurrent Enrollment.
Rising 9th and 10th graders must include a College Readiness Assessment form from core teachers as part of their application for Concurrent Enrollment.  This College Readiness Assessment form is available in high school counseling offices and is completed and submitted by core teachers.  CE courses, including Career & Technical Education (CTE) college courses, must align with students' pathways (ICAP) and testing is required for placement, academic planning, and remediation, for all CE applicants. College math is pathway-specific, so please see your counselor for advising.
If the student has completed the corresponding AP or IB exam and achieved the required scores accepted by the 4-year Institution of Higher Education (IHE) to qualify for college credit, students can submit official test scores to their HS counselor. If the exam score falls below the acceptable test score standards set by the IHE, the student may use PSAT, SAT, ACT scores or can take the NextGen Accuplacer college entrance exam for course placement.