8. What is an ICAP or Pathway Plan and why is it required?

The Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP) or Pathway Plan provides essential information about each student’s college and workforce goals, plan of study, remaining graduation requirements, assessment scores, and other details which impact the student’s academic/career pathway. Concurrent Enrollment, ASCENT, and TREP college courses must align with the student’s ICAP or Pathway Plan and must be authorized by the counselor or principal. 
D49 high schools and middle schools offer free career interest surveys through an online platform called YouScience. High school students use YouScience Profile, an online survey that combines interests with natural talents, to produce an individualized report with matched careers, education and employment data, as well as personalized language describing each student. Middle school students use YouScience SnapShot, a simplified, shorter version with similar informational outcomes. Please ask your counselor or Choice and Success Advisors for survey implementation schedules.