14. What support is available and what if I fail a class?

Pikes Peak Community College support:
  • Academic assistance is provided in the Learning Commons and the Learning Assistance Center.   
  • PPSC Campus Police are available at all times regarding student lost and found, escorting students to their vehicles after dark, or other campus security support. All students should report any issues to HS counselors immediately. PPSC Campus Security Dispatch: 719-502-2911 
  • Disability services and accommodations are provided through the Office of ACCESSibility Services, Intake Appointments: 719-502-3333 or by email
  • Counseling services are available through the Counseling Center.   
Students may repeat a college course once if the course is not successfully completed the first time. Counselors/Principals may recommend reducing or discontinuing college courses depending on the specific situation. D49 will not ask for repayment for unsuccessful courses after the Spring 2022 semester. The college may also place students on academic probation or suspension based on college GPA and academic performance.
D49 pays for developmental courses (ENG94 or MAT250/300) for seniors only; therefore, parents are responsible for paying for unauthorized college courses, including developmental courses taken prior to the senior year.