13. What support is available and what if I fail a class?

Pikes Peak Community College support:
New! First-Fail-Forgiveness - If students fail their first college course, they may retake the course with no tuition repayment.
A D49 Tuition Repayment Agreement is signed by student and parent/guardian during the initial CE advising meeting. For college course final grades of D, F, or W (withdrawal), parents repay tuition to the District. (approximately $180/credit)
Although students may repeat a college course once if the course is not successfully completed, Counselors/Principals may recommend reducing or discontinuing college courses. The College may place students on academic probation or suspension based on college GPA and academic performance.
Although D49 pays for remedial courses (zero-level courses like CCR094 or MAT050/055) for seniors only, parents are responsible for paying for unauthorized college courses, including remedial courses taken prior to the senior year.