18. Are CE college courses weighted on HS transcripts?

CE courses are recorded on high school transcripts as college courses (ex: ENG1021 English Comp I).  If a student does not successfully complete a college course with an A, B, C, a final grade of D, F, or W (withdraw) will be reflected on the high school and college transcripts. ("D" typically does not apply towards degree requirements and the course may need to be repeated.)  
D49 High School Credit 
For college courses of 3 to 5 college credits, students receive 2 semesters of high school credit (1.0 credit).
For college courses of 0.5 to 2 college credits, students receive 1 semester of high school credit (0.5 credit).
Course Weight 
Most college courses, both academic and CTE courses, are weighted on a 5.0 scale and are included in the high school GPA calculation (AAA, PED, OUT, or developmental/remedial courses are not weighted).