17. Are CE college courses weighted on HS transcripts?

College courses are recorded on high school transcripts as college courses (ex: ENG121 English Comp I).  If a student does not successfully complete a college course with an A, B, C, or withdraws from the course, a final grade of D, F, or W will be reflected on the high school and college transcripts. (A course final grade of D may or may not earn high school credit. A "D" typically does not earn college credit and the course may need to be repeated.)  
D49 High School Credit 
For college courses of 3 to 5 college credits, students receive 2 semesters of high school credit (1.0 credit).
For college courses of 0.5 to 2 college credits, students receive 1 semester of high school credit (0.5 credit).
Course Weight 
Most college level Concurrent Enrollment courses, both academic and CTE college courses, are weighted on a 5.0 scale and are included in the high school GPA calculation. (AAA, PED, OUT, GPS, or zero-level developmental (remedial) courses not included)