9. Can I take online or remedial college courses?

New Concurrent Enrollment (CE) students are encouraged to take traditional, in-class college courses to experience college life and to develop strong self-advocacy, time management, and communication skills. Online courses may be authorized for returning CE students with college level success; however, tuition costs are greater for online courses, and parents must pay the tuition differential which, at PPCC, is typically an additional $115 per credit.  Parents are responsible for online fees, digital texts or access codes, lab kits, and other associated costs for online courses.
Remedial courses such as CCR092/094 or MAT050/055 may be funded through Concurrent Enrollment in the 12th grade year only. AAA109 Advanced Academic Achievement, a 3-credit college success course, is required by PPCC for students testing into some remedial level courses.
Remedial courses are not permitted in the ASCENT program under any circumstances.