15. Are IEP services & accommodations available?

Accommodations for Concurrent Enrollment students are determined by the college, based on 504/ADA requirements, not IDEA. For CE students seeking accommodative services, an initial intake appointment must be scheduled 6 weeks prior to the start of the college semester at the PPCC Office of ACCESSibility Services.  See attached accommodative services document, located on this webpage (right margin), which explains the difference between high school and college accommodative services for students with disabilities.
Please submit new Accommodation Requests by calling PPCC Office of ACCESSibility Services at 719-502-3333 or emailing them at ppcc.access@ppcc.edu to schedule your appointment.  Returning students must confirm with ACCESSibility Services each semester to ensure continued support. Students established with this office, who have no changes to accommodation needs, may complete this form to request accommodations for the coming semester. 
All Concurrent Enrollment applicants must take a college entrance exam (P/SAT, ACT, NextGen Accuplacer or EdReady) for placement, academic planning, and remediation needs.