Three Times Lucky

by Sheila Turnage Year Published: 2012 Mystery, Chapter Book, Battle of the Books title

Moses LoBeau, a quick thinking, loyal 11 year-old growing up in Tupelo Landing, NC has a mystery on her hands. As a baby, she was rescued during a hurricane by The Colonel, who along with Miss Lana, took her in. Together they operate a popular cafe in their small town. When a stingy townsperson turns up dead and a big-city lawman invades the town, Mo and her best friend Dale rely on their wits and strong friendship to see each other through, working to solve the mystery and keep their town safe. 

Three Times Lucky is an exciting mystery that kids will enjoy. Mo and Dale are written almost like adults and will surely engage young readers. The town of Tupelo Landing quickly becomes an endearing character itself and the cast of townspeople add diverse flavor. Students at Springs Ranch already agree - they love this book!

"This book was amazing. It was a fun and wild ride through a lot of imagination." -Jessie, 5th grade