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Health and Wellness Highlights

Falcon Elementary School is excited to share some of our celebrations from this year! We were able to implement some new staff wellness initiatives and have had participation with our intramural program.

This year we implemented a different type of fitness through rhythmic movement using Drums Alive Curriculum. This curriculum uses a yoga ball, a laundry basket drumsticks. In a unique way the kids are able to play “drums” to different beats and songs. Our school was chosen to present and play for Fantastic 49 at the board meeting in February.

We are so excited to announce the wellness team was able to purchase a hydration station (water bottle filling stations). The water station allows our students to fill up their water bottles throughout the school day. The water station helps keep our students healthy and hydrated while allowing students to reuse water bottles.

Through Kaiser Permanente we have a (whole school) movement-in-the-classroom plan where teachers are asked to provide 5-7 minutes of movement breaks for their students throughout the day. This could include Go Noodle, fit sticks, yoga, or locomotive movements. Through the grant, we are currently leading the other participating schools in recording data. Each classroom teacher and student is actively participating from our school!

Our school was able to host a couple district-wide initiatives, such as the “Nutrition Challenge”. This allowed staff to get a biometric screening with feedback.

In January our staff competed in a FitBit challenge. We had our highest participation ever! We also conducted a staff wellness survey after Spring Break with 30 staff members completing the task.

This year was also a success for our after school intramural programs. We have had the highest participation rate to date for our disc golf, dance and walking club.

Jarrod Torrez