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D49 Incorporating Emergency Alert System

Dear D49 Families, 
Blue Point Alarm Alert Box
We are pleased to tell you about an important step forward to fulfill our year-long strategic objective to enhance safety and security at our schools. On Monday, April 1, Sand Creek High School will begin a pilot program of the Blue Point Alert System. Similar to a fire alarm—this police alarm, when pulled in the event of an active threat—will immediately launch lockdown protocols and summon first responders from our law enforcement partners at the Colorado Springs Police Department. 
This pilot program is the direct result of nearly a year’s work by the District 49 Enhanced Security Community Advisory Team (ESCAT). Creating a collaboration between our chief officers, community members, parents, and students, the ESCAT learned together about options for enhanced security. For the past year we listened to discussions and surveyed the D49 community at large to develop five recommended strategies, including the Blue Point Alert System. The D49 Board of Education listened closely to the feedback and approved the rollout of this security enhancement as a pilot at SCHS. 
We will share this new protocol with students at SCHS as we return from spring break and begin the final push toward the end of the school year. It is important to note that students will hear clear instructions to only pull the police alarms if there is an imminent threat of violence on campus. If any person activates the alarm as a prank, school staff will treat that offense with the same seriousness as maliciously pulling a fire handle or making any other false alarm. The administration may recommend filing criminal charges and will take disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion. 
If you have any questions about the police alarms, or the district enhanced security initiative, contact our Director of Safety and Security—David Watson. We thank you for your trust and understanding as we balance our top priorities of safety and our commitment to provide the best education to every D49 learner. 
Pedro Almeida, Chief Operations Officer
Dave Watson, Director of Safety and Security