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School Meal Accounts Must Have Funds in May

The District 49 school nutrition teams enjoy the opportunity to nourish the students we serve by providing healthy and nutritious meals. As a self-funded program, our team needs help from parents to wrap up the school year and close the books.

Starting May 1, student accounts must be funded to purchase meals. No students will be allowed to charge additional debt to their meal account. While District 49 often affords flexibility for young children in its elementary schools, each school year must end with all accounts current.

“No charging” policy enforced in May. District 49’s nutrition services department is regulated by the federal government through the National School Lunch and Breakfast Program. Part of that regulation requires nutrition services to operate as a self-funded district enterprise (not-for-profit business). This means our cafeterias do not receive financial support from local taxes to provide meals.

To check your students account balance, contact the school lunch manager or visit


Meal accounts remain active throughout a student’s academic career in District 49. At the end of each school year, any money remaining or owed on an account is rolled over to next year. 

If you have questions about this policy, please contact me.

Monica Deines-Henderson, Nutrition Services Dir.