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District 49 Falcon Homeschool Program 2019 Completion and Continuing Ceremony

Falcon Homeschool Program

Community members assembled in the Creekside Success Center's Peakview Hall on May 18 to celebrate graduates of the 2019 Falcon Homeschool Program at District 49. Our homeschool community is close-knit and supportive of all students in the program and the keynote speaker was no exception.

During her keynote speech, Jen Brukiewa shared her story on how she found homeschooling to be the best solution for her family, and how over the years she has found a wonderful network of support and friendships here in Colorado Springs. The Falcon Homeschool Program opens doors to a successful education for families and students, who might otherwise struggle to find a clear path to completing their education. Brukiewa expressed her gratitude to the families in attendance and thanked for them being a part of the community. She also shared how proud she was of the students passing this milestone in their lives.

Four FHP students were honored and each received certificates of completion, which were presented by family members. Parents shared personal stories of struggle and subsequent victory that had been experienced over the course of their learning adventures.

When asked what they thought of the Falcon Home School program all the graduates expressed how much that they loved the program for its flexibility, family support, and warmhearted community. The program also received high praise in that students have access to not only academic support but enrichment programs as well, which is not always available in other school districts. These students are already looking forward to their future goals. Most of them will be jumping in to continue in their education through Pikes Peak Early Colleges with studies beginning at PPCC in the fall, with only one of the students planning a short break from school.

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