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Students Exhibit Use of Scientific Method

Fourth-grader DeAndre Davis Fourth-grader DeAndre Davis, 10, explains his "sodaspolosion" project to Air Force 2nd Lt. Jane Blore of 1st Space Operations Squadron, 50th Space Wing, during an annual science fair April 18 at Springs Ranch Elementary School in Falcon School District 49. Davis hypothesized, based on taste, Dr. Pepper holds more carbonation than Coke. After his experiment, he discovered Coke had more carbonation. Roughly 300 students from third, fourth and fifth grades presented a project exhibiting their understanding of the scientific method. Fourth grade teacher Raquel Bostwick said the students were instructed to investigate a hypothesis, not verify a prior conclusion. During the science fair, their projects were evaluated by school and zone educators, as well as 10 airmen from Schriever Air Force Base.
Dustin Senger