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Renaissance Numbers Are In

Renaissance Numbers Are In Here's quick update on our Renaissance Program numbers for 1st quarter this year. As a reminder, students make a level of Renaissance as long as their GPA is 3.0 or above and they have no discipline referrals.

For first quarter, we had 428 total students make Renaissance. In 6th grade we had 161 students, 7th grade 150 students, and in 8th grade 117 students that made a level of Renaissance. In each case this is over half of our students total and in each grade.

We are very excited about the growth we have seen in the Renaissance program over the past three years. To give you a comparison on school-wide numbers: in our first year two years ago we had 129 make Renaissance 1st quarter, last year 328 and this year 428 during the same time period.

It is really great to see our students excited about Renaissance and talking about making it. Today we began giving out "Going for the Gold" t-shirts to the students who made it last quarter and I was excited to see the many students who put them on over whatever they were wearing today.

We hope these numbers continue to grow each quarter and year. All students who made Renaissance have their name written in the hallway by the school entrance, so please check it out next time you are in the building.

Thank you for your help at home encouraging your student to get good grades, stay out of trouble and supporting them in their efforts to make Renaissance!

Elizabeth Dalzell-Wagers