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District 49 Earns RMPEx Foothills Award

RMPEx Foothills Award District 49 earned the Rocky Mountain Performance Excellence Foothills Award at the 2015 RMPEx Quest for Excellence conference May 18 in Denver.

RMPEx, one of more than 30 Baldrige state programs in the United States, helps organizations improve performance. The program works with leaders in businesses, schools, healthcare organizations, as well as government and nonprofit agencies.

“Receipt of the Foothills award serves as confirmation that District 49 has the foundational processes in place to successfully apply the Baldrige Framework as a path to achievement of performance excellence,” said Jim Walker, RMPEx executive director.

The approaches used by RMPEx are based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology Baldrige Framework for Excellence. Nationally, the program recognizes best-in-class organizations and honors them with the only U.S. presidential award for performance excellence.

Peter Hilts, District 49 chief education officer says while the award is a symbol of hard work that has already been done, the district is better equipped for its journey ahead.

“By benchmarking our processes against high-performing enterprises in education and other industries, we can see more clearly where we are already excellent and where we have the most need to improve,” Hilts said.

Overseen by the U.S. Department of Commerce, the Baldrige Framework is a proven best-practice program that evaluates organizations in seven areas: leadership; strategy; customers; measurement, analysis and knowledge management; workforce; operations; and results.

“Receipt of the RMPEx Foothills Award is a demonstration that District 49 has passed the first milestone on their journey to excellence,” Walker said.

Future Work

“From the Board of Education to the students at their desks in the classroom, we are committed to continuous improvement through learning, working and leading,” Hilts said. “Primary literacy and individualized academic pathways for secondary students are our educational focus.”

From L to R: Peter Hilts, Brett Ridgway, Doug Gilbert (RMPEx Board Chair) and Jack Bay at RMPEx Quest Conference May 18. “We’re measuring the effectiveness of our budget and financial support processes,” said Brett Ridgway, chief business officer. “We’re refining them to maximize the investment our community has made in the education of the next generation, getting more money and decision making to the classroom.”

“Our facilities, nutrition and transportation teams are using data to measure our efficiency like never before,” said Jack Bay, chief operations officer. “Every member of the District 49 family is on this journey together."

“I am impressed with the approaches that District 49 is taking to address the varied needs of its students,” Walker said. “I am excited that D49 has chosen to partner with RMPEx in its improvement efforts and am confident that students are already benefitting from the district’s Baldrige journey.”
Matt Meister