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Organization Puts "Fun" in Fundraiser, Focusing on Fitness and Character Building

Students complete laps during a fitness-themed fundraiser April 15 at Ridgeview Elementary School.
Hosted by Boosterthon, the fundraiser culminated in a run where students received pledges for completing each lap, raising money for technology at the elementary school. According to their website, Boosterthon provides “ a “fun, healthy alternative to sales-driven fundraisers.”

With names like “Touchdown Ty” and “Cowgirl Kaylie,” the Boosterthon staff taught lessons at the school, focusing on character education and fitness. They would then volunteer in classrooms the remainder of the the 8 day program. Organization puts "fun" in fundraiser

Boosterthon staff cheered students on during their laps, playing music from “Frozen” and “The Lego Movie”. They encouraged students to stop for water and make sure their shoelaces were tied, as Ridgeview staff members marked each student’s laps using charts on their shirts.

“The kids love them,” said principal Theresa Ritz.

This is the first year that the organization has come to a District 49 school, said Justin Lambert, Boosterthon general manager. Lambert explained that the goal of the fundraiser is to get kids excited to help their school and focus on fitness. “At the end of the day, the funds are the cherry on top”, he said. Pledges are taken using an online system, which Lambert says makes things easier for parents.

“If you have to fund-raise, this is the way to do it,” said Ritz.
Kayla Maldonado