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Teacher Brings Panama Exploration to Second Graders

Sandy Lamb Teacher Sandy Lamb explains her recent rain forest exploration for second graders Feb. 26 at Odyssey Elementary School in Falcon School District 49. Lamb, the school’s science, technology, engineering and mathematics teacher, returned Feb. 24 from a week-long research project in Panama. She had assisted a Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute census of ocelots on Barro Colorado Island. "I felt like the more I could learn, the more I could share with my students," said Lamb, who discovered the assistantship opportunity last summer during a geosciences gathering in Houston. During her trip, she held a video conference with a classroom studying tropical rain forests. When she returned, Lamb further described the forest's producers, consumers and decomposers, citing numerous examples of its wildlife. "I had no idea how many noises the rain forest had -- there were bugs and birds all over," she said, showing photographs of the shady terrain. "Humming birds were buzzing all around my head, all day long." Expressing their excitement, several of the surrounding second graders said "awesome."