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Father Shares Why Son’s Teacher Deserves Awards, Recognition

Patrick Jewell Patrick Jewell, father of second-grader Brett Jewell, 8, shared his appreciation for significant support needs teacher Dawnise Sandwick of Falcon Elementary School of Technology during a Board of Education meeting May 14 in District 49.

Jewell wrote a nomination for Sandwick to receive a teacher appreciation scholarship from the Colorado Springs Down Syndrome Association. As a result, Sandwick was awarded $500, which she’s using to help build a sensory classroom for students with special needs.

“She has been teaching Brett for three years now, and I feel truly thankful and blessed to have her in our lives,” said Jewell, a soldier who’s deployed twice since moving to Colorado Springs in 2010.

“She has always encouraged us to set high goals and standards for Brett and she believes, as we do, that he should be given every opportunity to succeed in an integrated classroom. I feel like she has always been our biggest advocate and there is no one I would trust more to stand up for Brett’s rights.

"Brett has thrived in school, both academically and behaviorally, and I am absolutely convinced he would not be doing as well as he is now if it wasn’t for Miss Dawnise’s guidance, support and genuine love for what she does.”

Dawnise Sanswick

Brett Jewell
Dustin Senger