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JROTC Students Compete, Strengthen Relationships during PT Event

JROTC gather during the PT challenge JROTC cadets from five Colorado schools gathered during the JROTC Physical Training Competition March 14 hosted by Falcon High School. Five Colorado Schools competed in a one mile run, shuttle run, push ups, sit-ups, v-sit and a 6x400 relay.

“It’s a great opportunity for the cadets who help. The program is about cadets learning how to lead and follow, and [this] is a great opportunity for them to do that,” said Col. Jim Turner, senior aerospace science instructor.

The challenge highlighted physical skills and discipline, promoting teamwork and friendly competition among schools, units, and branches of service.

“It’s really great to see how different ROTC unites interact with each other,” said 12th grader Madaline Riggs, 18.

Students from each school cheered their units on, also high-fiving and congratulating other teams after the 6x400 relay.

“It’s great they can call come together,” said PT Commander Kayla Cisneros, 17.
Kayla Maldonado