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Science Teachers for the Day

Horizon Middle School students taught science lesson plans at Evans International Elementary School May 7, taking the role of science teacher for the day.

“[It’s a] great way for them to apply what they’ve learned,” said science teacher William Yerger, commenting that his students won’t be forgetting the lessons any time soon. He also explained that teaching younger students allows the eighth-graders a chance to take a leadership role they may not have experienced before.

The eighth-graders worked with kindergarten, first grade, third grade and fourth grade students. They read a science fiction comic book a group had written, and then taught the lesson plans they created.

“The kids are phenomenal. They’re so well behaved,” said eighth-grader Teagan Severance.
A student reads a science-fiction comic book
A student wears a space suit during the lesson  
Kindergarteners learn about DNA
Kindergarteners learn about genetics  
Kayla Maldonado