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Election 2018: What it Means for D49 - Pros and Cons

In 2018 the D49 Business Office developed a plan, that with voter approval, is designed to begin the next phase in our Building our Future Community initiative, which outlines our commitment to invest directly in our staff and our schools.4C Info Graphic  
Ballot Measure 4C asks voters if the district should restructure 2014’s 3A MLO by removing a fixed dollar cap, in favor of collecting a lower overall tax rate. Specifically, it would take the combined 19.081 mills (generated by 3A and 3B MLOs) and reduce that rate to 18.500 mills going forward – both simplifying and lowering the mill rate, while fixing it at that exact amount going forward.  
The Plan: Restructure the 2014 3A MLO from collecting a fixed dollar amount to a lower, fixed, rate. This allows D49 to reduce the 3A MLO figure for property owners and pair it with 2016’s 3B MLO into a combined, ​flat rate, of 18.5​00​ mills.​ 
The results: Property owners in our area will see lower property tax rates as a result, and because a “yes” vote replaces the current dollar amount cap with a fixed rate assessed across the entire district, the district’s funding will respond in step as our community continues to expand.
With any proposal there is associated risk. For a deeper explanation on Measure 4C, please click here.