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D49 Unveils New Transportation Center

School District 49 and members of the D49 Transportation Department unveiled the district’s new transportation center with a ribbon-cutting ceremony in July. The event marked the completion of the project that broke ground in 2022.

“This is an amazing opportunity that we’ve been given by district leadership for recognizing the need, and having the foresight to plan and build a new transportation service center,” said Jack Pietraallo, D49’s Director of Transportation. Picture of ribbon-cutting event at the D49 transportation event

Sitting on 25 acres of the Falcon Legacy Campus, the 34,000 square-foot facility includes paved parking for 175 buses, and nine work bays along with updated office space and training areas. The facility is large enough to hold additional buses and expand the existing workspace as D49 continues to grow. 

“The ‘why’ is for the little ones who are in school right now, some of whom will grow up to be our parents of the future. So when we say 50-year facility, it’s not just for the people who are here right now,” said Dr. Louis Fletcher, D49’s Executive Director of Facilities and Operations. “Our purpose is to serve students and community with outstanding services from transportation. We achieved that every day before we even had this building, but this will allow us to take it to the next level.” 

Dr. Fletcher joined Pietraallo and Board of Education President Lori Thompson in expressing their gratitude to project partners GH Phipps, Wember Inc. and RTA Architects for supporting the effort to design and build the new facility. 

“This is a practical and beautiful investment,” Thompson said during the July 8 ribbon-cutting ceremony. “I want you to know I am proud to be here today to see it come to fruition, and I want to thank everybody that was involved.”

“I want to congratulate D49 on laying the foundation for future district growth,” said Brian Calhoun with RTA Architects. “Support facilities are the cornerstone of how you provide excellent education opportunities to students and it’s important that you support the whole industry from the ground up.” 

picture of a bus in a service bay at the D49 transportation center picture of visitors exploring the work bay of the D49 transportation center picture of the parking lot for buses at the D49 transportation center