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Falcon High School Class of 2024 Soars to Celebration

A day of D49 graduation ceremonies came to a soaring conclusion Friday, as a packed World Arena cheered on about 250 Falcon Falcons from Falcon! 

To the cheers of their friends, families and teachers, the Falcon High School Class of 2024 walked purposefully into the spotlight for their commencement ceremony. Draped in green and gold the students gathered for a final time as FHS seniors. Picture of two FHS graduates waiting to receive their diploma

“Ask for as many people’s phone numbers, Instagram, Snapchat, or contact info as you can. Actually use them,” FHS Salutatorian Alease Church told her classmates during her speech. “We are all going our separate ways to find what life has in store that makes us feel alive. We can go our separate ways together. This is our last day as our class of 2024 Falcon family being all in one room; take advantage of it!” 

Alease encouraged all to walk boldly forward while remembering the journey they’ve already taken. “Learn from your friends, integrate into yourself the best parts of everyone, and become a scrapbook of your favorite people,” she said. “Turn your nerves into excitement, and take life one step at a time.”

A large segment of the FHS class of ‘24 graduated with honors and as recipients of additional recognition. A wide array of cords and stoles identified those who earned Associates Degrees while enrolled at FHS, as well as those who achieved excellence through participation in National Honors Society, Future Business Leaders of America, Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps and more. 

Prior to Friday’s commencement ceremony, members of the FHS and Falcon Zone staff held a recognition event for the FHS senior baseball players. Through the ceremony, Brian Smith, Falcon Zone superintendent, provided updates about the FHS baseball team, which advanced to the 4A semifinals by defeating Golden 7-2 while the graduation event was in progress. 

As the team tacked on two more memorable wins, FHS Valedictorian Jaime Bell encouraged all to savor special moments, big and small. “Just remember to live,” Jamie said. “And live in the now, not in the future. Because too often, we are frantically thinking ahead and forever missing what is right in front of us.” picture of FHS graduate holding diploma

In a final sendoff, Justin Tropp, FHS math teacher, asked students to reflect on what they’ve accomplished, as well as the value of determination and working through difficulties.

“Remind yourself that it actually made you better, stronger, wiser, and may even be one of those times when you can genuinely laugh in the camaraderie and bonding when you regale the tale later on with family and friends,” Tropp said. “Sometimes, those difficult and devastating moments don’t end up giving you a fun memory or anecdote to tell later on down the road. Sometimes these moments are truly devastating. But when these moments arise, they give you a chance to see how much you’re capable of enduring and that confidence you gain within yourself is something that no one can take away from you.”

Congratulations to the Falcon Falcons from Falcon, Class of 2024! 

Picture of FHS graduates before the graduation ceremony picture of Jamie Bell, FHS valedictorian giving a speech Picture of FHS graduate celebrating with his family 

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