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Falcon Homeschool Students Step Toward the Future

FHP Program Staff Members
Falcon Homeschool Program honored 10 part-time homeschool students
advancing after completing their studies at the program's Achievement
Ceremony on Thursday, May 16.
Graduates pose for photos at the FHP Achiement Ceremony May 16, 2024
While browsing their life story displays, a curated backdrop made by the students
who share mementos and things they value and hold dear, I asked them what they
thought about their experience. They all stated how much they loved the program's
flexibility, support, and connection to a warmhearted community of family and friends.
The start of the ceremony was marked with their tradition of parents taking the mic
and reminiscing back to funny moments in class, and how proud they are of their
students for doing fantastic things with their learning while enrolled in the program.
Parents also shared hopes for their children’s futures now that this part of their
journey was complete.
Each student was then presented with completion certificates, confirming that they
had finished their FHP journey. Then, in another tradition, students were gifted a
fleece blanket, symbolizing the care and relationships nurtured during their time as students.
Congratulations Falcon Homeschool Program Class of 2024! We’re honored that
we were able to celebrate your accomplishments with you. We wish you all a bright
and adventurous future! #D49GradsShine
Check out the complete album of photos on Facebook!
Aaron Villescas