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Employees of the Year 2024

District 49 honored the best of the best on Thursday evening as it celebrated the Employees of the Year.

Sixty-seven employees and volunteers were recognized for their wonderful work over the past year. 

“I want you to know, you are the heartbeat, you are the lifeblood of District 49,” said Lori Thompson, President of the Board of Education. 

Plaques were presented to Teachers of the Year; Support Stars, which include roles such as facilities technicians, paraeducators and secretaries; Service Stars, which represent positions such as school counselors and physical therapists, and Volunteers of the Year. Honorees were nominated by their supervisors or school principals.

Congratulations to the following staff members who were honored:

Service Stars & Individualized Education Staff

EoY 2024 groups 1

Hillary Hunt
Speech Language Pathologist, Inspiration View Elementary

Jessica Odell
Social Worker serving as School Psychologist, Vista Ridge High School & POWER Zone

Toni Smith
School Nurse, The Campus & Child Find

Jamie Zaves
District Behavior Analyst, Districtwide

Ashley Holloman
Special Education Teacher, PEAK Program

Carina Joss
Paraeducator, PEAK Program

Kimberly Sanders
Health Assistant, Bennett Ranch Elementary

Linette Williams
BASE49 Leader, Meridian Ranch Elementary

Sand Creek Zone

EoY 2024 groups 2

Teachers of the Year

Gracee Liggett
Third Grade Teacher, Evans Elementary

Melanie Bustillos
Fifth Grade Teacher, Remington Elementary

Nicole Juhl
Kindergarten Teacher, Springs Ranch Elementary

Dagmar Bierkortte
Fourth Grade Teacher, Stetson Elementary

Monica Glickman
Seventh Grade Math Teacher, Horizon Middle School

Patricia Johnson
Science Teacher, Sand Creek High School

Support Stars

Maryna Wilson
Library Technician, Remington Elementary

Jamie Denton
Significant Support Needs Paraeducator, Springs Ranch Elementary

Whitney Moore
Building Administrative Assistant, Stetson Elementary

Kaylanie Marshall
Paraeducator, Horizon Middle School

Rose Atencio
Special Education Paraeducator, Sand Creek High School

Lauren Stuart
Sand Creek Zone, Community Liaison

Service Stars

Tara Juarros
School Counselor, Horizon Middle School

Volunteer of the Year

Ann Moomey
Volunteer, Remington Elementary School

Falcon Zone

EoY 2024 groups 3

Teachers of the Year

Jordan Hall
Fifth Grade Teacher, Bennett Ranch Elementary

Amy DeWeerd
Third Grade Teacher, Falcon Elementary School of Technology

Allison Johnson
Kindergarten Teacher, Meridian Ranch Elementary

Amanda Ancheta
Fourth Grade Teacher, Woodmen Hills Elementary

Nicole Sinnott
Seventh Grade Science Teacher, Falcon Middle School

Justin Tropp
Math Teacher, Falcon High School

Support Star

Savanah Rodriguez
General Education Paraeducator, Bennett Ranch Elementary

Leah Nielsen
Significant Support Needs Paraeducator, Falcon Elementary School of Technology

Cassaundra Donatell
Attendance Secretary & Registrar, Meridian Ranch Elementary

Mallory Spitzer
Special Education Paraeducator, Woodmen Hills Elementary

Deanna Siemsen
Choice & Success Advisor, Falcon Middle School

Kara Robinson
Building Administrative Assistant, Falcon Middle School

Vanessa Apodaca
Building Administrative Assistant, Falcon High School

Service Star

Carrie Clay
School Counselor, Falcon Middle School

Volunteer of the Year

Bobbi Lehman
Volunteer, Meridian Ranch Elementary


EoY 2024 groups 4

Teachers of the Year

Tara Wold
Innovation Professor, ALLIES

Jody O’Driscoll
Third Grade Teacher, Inspiration View Elementary

Lacey Witt
Fifth Grade Teacher, Odyssey Elementary

Melissa Chaffin
Library Teacher, Ridgeview Elementary

Marianne Holt
Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Education Teacher,  Skyview Middle School

Brandon Ager
Art Teacher, Vista Ridge High School

Support Star

Karen Duncan
Special Education Paraeducator, ALLIES

Christina Odell
Building Administrative Assistant, Inspiration View Elementary

Barbara Colby
Reading Tutor, Odyssey Elementary

Cherri McKine
Building Administrative Assistant, Ridgeview Elementary

Cindy Aragon
Building Administrative Assistant, Skyview Middle School

Connie Malacara
Building Custodian, Vista Ridge High School

Volunteer of the Year

Nora Faircloth
Volunteer, Skyview Middle School

iConnect Zone

EoY 2024 groups 5

Teacher of the Year

Heather Krammes
Lead Bridge Program Teacher, Falcon Homeschool Program

Lisa Banegas
Social Studies Teacher, Patriot High School

Natalie Cummings
Electives Teacher, Pikes Peak Early College

Jane Lovelidge
High School Math Teacher, Springs Studio for Academic Excellence

Janine Sangiorgi
Middle School Science Teacher, Springs Studio for Academic Excellence

Support Stars

Joe Rivas
IVES Campus Building Manager, Falcon Homeschool Program

Jennifer Smith
Paraeducator, Patriot High School

Chelly Hardman
Registrar, The Campus

Service Star

Frances Delgado
School Counselor, Patriot High School


Central Office 

EoY 2024 groups 6

Support Stars

Spencer McCabe
Budget Manager, Business Office

Elsa Ortega
Assessment Technician, Learning Services Department

CharLynn Stegman
Wellness Specialist, People & Culture Department

Lara Ehlert
Executive Assistant for Facilities & Operations

Dana Neidhardt
Building Automation Specialist, Facilities Department

Walter Anderson
Grounds Maintenance Supervisor, Facilities Department

Margaret Kalber
Nutrition Lead, Nutrition Services Department

Lynnea Brown
Transportation Manager, Transportation Department



See Facebook for a full photo album from the event.