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Winter Percussion

March is Music in Our Schools Month

Despite it being Spring Break, we are taking a look at our Winter Percussion. 

Connor SchwartzDistrict 49’s Winter Percussion Ensemble began in 2020 and is composed of students from Falcon High School, Vista Ridge High School and Monument Academy. 

“The goal is to give percussionists something to do after marching band, but it's rolled over into something they enjoy doing with friends every single week. We compete in the Rocky Mountain Percussion Association circuit and are pushing to make this unit one of the stronger ones in Colorado,” said Travis Yager, FHS Band Director. “The students get to keep the friendship that they built during marching band season in the fall. It gives them something else to do outside of marching band.”

Andrew King, VRHS Band Director said, “This provides a much higher rigor level for the kids than what they see in a typical band class. Because it is all percussion, they have all of the melodies, all of the accompaniment, all the rhythm. The difficulty of the music is higher, that of course raises their ability level, which provides an enhanced opportunity for them.”   

“The staff from both Vista Ridge and Falcon teach side by side and give feedback at each rehearsal and each competition. These relationships help students stay motivated as they see the other staff at marching competitions in the fall. They always seem so happy to see other adults that teach them how to be the best version of themselves,” said Yager.

mallot player

The percussionists split up into two groups at the beginning of practice, as seen in the videos below, before coming together. 

See Facebook for videos.


Next Performances:

March 23 at Longmont High School

March 29 at VRHS, with the VRHS Combined Color Guard for a silent auction 

March 30 at Mountain Range

April 13 at the state championship, Denver Coliseum.