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Sand Creek Launches Criminal Justice Pathway

Brandon by locker at SCHS

For students like Brandon Muller, sophomore at Sand Creek High School, a day at school includes more than typical math and English classes. He’s learning how to investigate a crime scene, exploring victim rights, and growing an understanding of the law. Brandon is a student in one of D49’s newest pathways, Criminal Justice.

The program launched only weeks ago when students returned from winter break and is initially offering Introduction to Criminal Justice, and Forensics and Security courses. The school has plans for more course offerings as the program generates more interest.

“I’m thinking of maybe becoming a police officer like my dad and two of my grandparents,” said Brandon. “I am also interested in learning about what it takes to become a lawyer. I think it would be fun to argue for someone’s justice.”

Sand Creek introduced the new pathway as a result of listening to students and our community. “In a career guidance assessment, more than 100 students expressed interest in criminal justice,” said Amy Sanchez-Martinez, Principal. “We also know from the mayor’s visit to Sand Creek last fall that our community needs more professionals in this field.”

High school is the perfect time for students like Brandon to learn what they want to do in life. Courses like Introduction to Criminal Justice can help students explore different career options, while also enabling them to knock out a few college credits. Those who successfully complete the class can earn credit through Pikes Peak State College.

Police detective talks to students in Introduction to Criminal Justice class.

“I might work in criminal justice someday, but I might also choose something in music theory,” Brandon added. Brandon is a musician in the Sand Creek Chamber Orchestra and a member of the Colorado Springs Youth Symphony.

Either way, Brandon is already getting a taste of his top career choices and building a firm foundation for his future. “I’m using my time in high school to figure out what I want to do, and I’ll finalize things in my senior year,” Brandon said.

This story was originally part of a series creating awareness for National School Choice Week.

Amy Matisek