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49 Voices: A D49 Podcast | Season 2, Episode 2 - Now Available

Among School District 49’s six fundamental, strategic priorities or Big Rocks, are a commitment to offering exceptional choices and launching students to success. The two go hand-in-hand and take center stage at the start of the calendar year, which is widely recognized as a chance to consider school choice… and the time that many school districts encourage students and families to select the school that provides the best educational opportunities. 49 Voices Podcast - in podcast studio graphic


In this episode of 49 Voices, D49 Superintendent Peter Hilts welcomes Sean Norman, D49’s Director of Applied and Advanced Learning and Amy Sanchez-Martinez, Principal of Sand Creek High School. We'll discuss how D49 leads the region with our approach to choice…how we shape choice into success, and why our experts say it’s an exciting time to be a student.