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Discontinuing the D49 App

Discontinuing the D49 App

After several years of declining downloads and limited use, District 49 is discontinuing the D49 phone app as of the start of school year 2023-2024. We see this as an opportunity to consolidate and simplify our suite of communications channels. Through our experience with the app, we learned it could not completely provide the user-friendly experience we pursued, and in certain situations, complicated customer service for our parents and community. 

As technology has advanced and improved over the years, the D49 website,, has steadily improved its look and interactivity in a smartphone responsive display. We will continue to provide relevant and timely information through our website and communicate directly through our other trusted communication channels. 

Feedback tells us our families and community value advanced notice on days our changing weather will impact our normal operations. Although we will no longer push those alerts through the app, we will follow our own best practices of sharing what you need to know in multiple places on, on social media and through our local broadcast media partners. 

We thank everyone who downloaded the D49 app. For now, you can delete it from your phone. We encourage everyone to visit anytime and on any device.